CLD in Los Angeles

Thanks Gordy for choosing CLD as the maker of your new baton case! Enjoy the London Symphony Orchestra, I could only dream to be in front of such a fine group.

Gordy Haab's Two-tone Case

My latest two-tone creation for composer Gordy Haab. Very excited about this case, it will be traveling with Gordy to London, where he will be conducting the LSO for an undisclosed project. Check out his web site at

My Inspiration

If you ever get a chance to check this web site out, Saddleback Leather, do so. It was my inspiration to picking-up the art of leather crafting. Dave at Saddleback Leather has really come up with some amazing products, and I'm proud to say that I own a couple as well.

I also learned a great deal from a YouTube fellow who calls himself Satansbarber. Not a big fan of his YouTube name, but the guy really knows what he is doing.

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