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Made of full-grain vegetable-tanned leather. Leather that is just as it was when taken off the animal. Only the hair has been removed and the grain (or epidermis) is left on. It is not uncommon for this leather to show branding markings, mosquito bites and scratches. This gives your case character and the mark of an item that is like no other in the world.


Made of split-suede. This leather is considered high quality and creates a beautiful, soft interior that will protect your baton in style.

Full Grain Leather Facts

The image above shows how a cow skin is broken up. Full Grain leather is the toughest leather that you can possibly use. Since the epidermis of the skin is left intact, it is common to see branding markings and mosquito bite markings on the hide. I always make a conscience decision on the section I choose to make your CLD baton case, so rest assured that markings will be minimal. 

A lot of common leather items use top grain leather. This leather is sanded down, which leaves you with a perfect look, but the strength of the leather is compromised. Beware of bonded leather, these generally tend to be leather fibers glued or bonded together!


We use 4 oz. Tejas nylon thread, for maximum strength and durability. This thread is thick, long lasting, and adds a nice pop of color and style to your case.


Saddle Stitch

CLD cases are hand sewn using the saddle stitch technique. It's considered the most durable stitch. If a stitch snaps it can be repaired fairly easily. Each hole is manually punched. If you have ever had a stitch 
completely fall apart on you or disassemble, it's because a sewing machine was used to stitch said item. The machine stitch explanation video link below shows how the top and bottom threads stay on their perspective sides while the machine does its job.

Pro: quickly stitch your product...

Cons: if stitch pops, it unravels. The dog feeder leaves a visible track on the leather.


Your case can be customized with initials that are carefully created before the dying process ever begins. Depending on the font size that you choose, initials all the way through names can be added to your case.

Interior Pencil Pocket Styles

There are three styles of cases that place the pencil pocket in the interior of the case. This adds more stitching to the case which adds a little more style and uniqueness. This is where the "Berlin," "Singapore" and "Beethoven" models come into play. They were named in honor of the cities these cases ended up traveling too or a certain muse. The "Berlin" style case is pictured above.

External Pencil Pocket

This pencil pocket keeps another very important tool for all musicians at the ready. This piece is wet formed and stitched on to the case. It adds another layer of protection to the tips of your batons, just an added bonus, but not necessary.


All edges of your case are finished using the leather craftsman technique of burnishing. After burnishing, I apply an edge-kote which seals up and cleans up the edges of your case (detail work that is sometimes avoided by craftsmen to save time).

Custom Artwork (Carving)

Sometimes we need something more unique for ourselves. If you need larger initials carved into the front panel of your case, or you want an image carved into your case, we can make it happen. Usually, several emails back and forth will get the job done!

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