Prototype iPhone 5 Holster Case

I like wearing my iPhone as a holster. Needless to say, I'm working on a model/prototype that will fit my phone easily, but take up less space than my first prototype. I've worn it for a week, it has functioned well, but I want it to be smaller. Will keep you all updated.

Custom Berlin Baton Case

This case was a lot of fun to work on. Had to come up with an internal pencil pocket, unique hand carved initials and a unique wood like finish on the leather. Several back and forth correspondence through email made this international sale a success. Happy to say my baby made it to Europe safe and sound through UPS.

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to see my latest photos and info. Feel free to post questions and updates about your cases and it's adventures in your musical journeys. I'm wrapping up a custom case for Christiane Silber from Berlin, Germany. CLD goes international!

When to buy a CLD Baton Case

Every time a customer purchases a baton case from me, I enjoy asking with whom will the baton case reside. So far everyone has responded. I let them know that I love knowing where my babies will be residing. Here are some of the awesome responses I've received:

-A wedding gift for a soon to be band director.

-An upgrade from an old PVC pipe.

-A birthday gift for a newly appointed Youth Orchestra Conductor.

-A University Director of Bands purchasing it as a gift for a Doctoral graduate student.

-An upgrade because of a great promotion, and traveling over seas with it.

Can't wait to see where all my babies will reside in the future!

CLD in Los Angeles

Thanks Gordy for choosing CLD as the maker of your new baton case! Enjoy the London Symphony Orchestra, I could only dream to be in front of such a fine group.

Gordy Haab's Two-tone Case

My latest two-tone creation for composer Gordy Haab. Very excited about this case, it will be traveling with Gordy to London, where he will be conducting the LSO for an undisclosed project. Check out his web site at

My Inspiration

If you ever get a chance to check this web site out, Saddleback Leather, do so. It was my inspiration to picking-up the art of leather crafting. Dave at Saddleback Leather has really come up with some amazing products, and I'm proud to say that I own a couple as well.

I also learned a great deal from a YouTube fellow who calls himself Satansbarber. Not a big fan of his YouTube name, but the guy really knows what he is doing.

Another CLD Case Completed

Just finished and packed up Doug's CLD Two-tone case. Ready to be dropped off at the Post Office. I'll be posting new pics soon!

Designer Case No. 1 Completed

Well, I just finished another baton case today. This one was in the works since December and would have been done early January except that life threw a curve ball and put me in the hospital for a week. Then school started and so it goes. I really enjoyed carving the scroll, this case should really go for a lot more than what I'm advertising for but, I'll be glad when in finds a new home.

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