Color Options

CLD cases come in a handful of classic colors. Every once in a while, an enthusiastic customer comes up with a color idea that is unique to them. In those cases, we try our best to match the desired shade.

To keep things simple, we have come up with 4 classic colors for our cases (from darkest to lightest): black, dark brown, canyon tan, and range tan. (These colors seem to be fan favorites.)

My lovely wife Josey came up with the following chart to help you get inspired! The final shades after hand dying may vary, but for the most part they follow the color schemes below.

This shade is pretty consistent. Whether it is hand dyed or purchased from the tannery as a finished and dyed leather side.
This shade is pretty consistent as well. Please note that it is an extremely dark shade of brown. Here you see it with a contrasting white thread.
This shade is of brown has a reddish hue to it. It is a very beautiful shade and will stand out at rehearsals, showing your dedication to art form.
Our lightest shade in the brown family that we offer. It carries a bit more of a yellow hue to it. It's a wonderful shade that pairs well with darker hues too. The following pic is of the "Beethoven" model baton case which mixes the Black and Range Tan shades.

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