Purchase a Camacho Leather Design Baton Case

Monogram Styles

Custom Letter Choices

The "Standard Letter" is 1 inch tall.
It takes up quite a bit of the leather strap.

New Addition in 2014! The 3/4" Old
English letter brings about some beautiful
detail that will be enjoyed by many.

The "Fancy" letters measure 3/4" tall and as you can see
the detail in them is quite nice. 

New addition in 2014! The "Rodeo" letter
will add some Western flare to any case.

The "Script Letter" is 3/4" inch tall.
It fits nicely on the leather strap.
The Standard Letter also comes in a 1/2" size.
This is for the traditionalist that doesn't want
too much attention brought to their case.

New addition in 2014! The "Wood Grain" letters measure 1/2" tall.

The "Block Letter" is 1/2 of an inch tall.
It's the standard size I have been using for quite some time.